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Unique Business Development provides a team of professionals to help you start, grow or promote your business.

Starting and growing a business is hard work.

How do I promote my business on a shoestring budget? What do I do "before", "during" and "after" a trade show for MAXIMUM results?

How do I come up with a name for my business? How do I register that name? Where can I go to have an online presence (web site built)? How do I get set up to take credit cards online? Will customers purchase my product? How much will all this up front work cost me?

If this sounds like questions you have been asking, perhaps you landed on the right web site.


We introduce you to niche marketing ideas to get you noticed and remembered and we are talking UNIQUE.

We can create a logo, a web site, printing materials including artwork and graphics (for the web site as well as business cards etc.) and develop business strategiess through research, travel and over 42 years of establishing new and unique businesses.

We have completed our part, the next step is up to you. Click on PRODUCTS and allow us to tease you with some of our more unique marketing ideas.

Email or call NOW! You will be glad you did!

David Byers

1-250 - 415 - 9628


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